New WordPress website services

Website Design

New WordPress website or design refresh

The internet and the way we use it are constantly changing, so your website can’t afford to stand still. You need a website that is in line with current design trends and conveys its information clearly and easily, not only from a desktop computer but just as easily from a handheld tablet or mobile phone. Thankfully, WordPress is a template based system, which means we can change the look of your website without having to rebuild it from scratch. WordPress is also a powerful content management system, so organizing content for a new website is a breeze.

I can help you organize your content for the best user experience, decide on a design direction that’s consistent with the rest of your marketing, and build your new WordPress website or restructure your current one.

If you haven’t set up an account with a hosting company, or registered a domain name for your new website, I can help with that too.

Design & marketing agencies

If you’re creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for your clients, it must include a website. I can build a pixel-perfect WordPress website based on your PSD file, or I can work with you throughout the design process to ensure that your website design plays to the strengths of WordPress while still fitting in seamlessly with your client’s branding.

I can also help to implement your SEO strategy and add content to the website, both before and after the website launch.

Let’s discuss your project and see how I can help.

Help with current WordPress website

Need help with your current WordPress website?

Ongoing WordPress website maintenance

The job isn’t really finished once your website is launched. WordPress software should be kept up to date to ensure the security of your website. I offer several options for ongoing maintenance and security monitoring, as well as keeping off-site backups of your website’s files and data so it can be easily restored in the event of a catastrophe.

Quick edits

Need to swap out a logo or a phone number, or make a quick change to some of your WordPress website content, but don’t want a whole new website? No problem. I can make whatever changes you need, and while I’m in there I’ll do a quick audit of your website and offer any suggestions I might have to improve performance, security and user experience.

WordPress troubleshooting

Are you in need of a WordPress fix, or do you need to make a quick change and can’t figure out how your previous developer set something up? I can dig in to your website and help you with the solution to your problem, whether it’s a simple code edit or a total website overhaul.

Website audit

Have you just taken over administrating a WordPress website, and aren’t sure where to begin? For a low flat fee I will “take a look under the hood” for you to find out whether your website is up to date with the most current software and running the best plugins for performance and security. I’ll give you a report on the current state of your website, advise on any themes or plugins that should be updated or replaced, and offer suggestions on how to improve your user experience.

Contact me to talk about how I can help you with your WordPress website.