Writer/producer Jane Rosen needed to upgrade her static website to one that could serve dynamic content and that she could easily edit and update. I helped her reorganize her existing content, making changes and additions where needed, and built the site in WordPress, the best platform to incorporate the client’s need for easy updates and a blog she could post new content to regularly.

Later, I worked with Jane to refresh the design of her website, updating it to a more modern, streamlined look and feel while retaining most of her existing written content.

“What began as a conversation about my desire to update my website became a productive and delightful collaboration with Jefferson. I threw out a few ideas and he manifested several designs for me — each one artfully crafted and worthy of consideration. Once the design was chosen, I put together pages of copy and Jefferson incorporated images and design elements to make it interesting and active. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a wordy, confusing website — and Jefferson made sure I didn’t fall down that rabbit hole. He was a joy to work with and brought it all together effortlessly. I highly recommend Jefferson for web design and other creative endeavors.”

— Jane C. Rosen of JustJane Inc.

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