• Best plugins for WordPress security and backup

    I don’t know very much about internet security. When faced with any evidence of hacking, my usual response is to delete the entire website and restore from an off-site backup. Here are two great utility plugins that can help you detect, prevent and recover from being hacked. Continue reading →
  • The Changing Face of Information

    Designing for the web and designing for print are, of course, two very different animals, but not as different as you might think. Websites have a lot in common with magazines in the way they structure information on a page: leading with attention grabbing headlines, using boxes and color to call out information… Continue reading →
  • Off the Rack: Using Pre-made Website Themes

    On three recent projects I used pre-made, “off the rack” WordPress themes rather than coming up with custom designs. The benefit to the client is that most of the design and layout work is done, saving time and money. The down side is that most of the design and layout work is done, leaving little room for personalization. Continue reading →
  • That Monkey is Everywhere

    One of the things I like about designing logos is seeing the wide variety of things they end up on. In 2005 I created the logo for Danger Monkey, a signature coffee blend at Pablo’s Coffee in Denver. Over the years it’s been fun to see the Danger Monkey turn up on t-shirts, travel mugs, chocolates and the like… Continue reading →
  • Website Font Freedom

    Until fairly recently, website designers have been limited to designing with a handful of fonts that came standard on most computers. Any use of an interesting display font required the designer to create an image using Photoshop or something similar, and any change to the text would need the image to be re-done. Continue reading →
  • The Importance of Being Responsive

    According to a recent Nielsen poll, smartphones are in use by just over half of U. S. consumers. I only recently got one myself, but I find myself using it and my Amazon Kindle to surf the internet a lot more often than I use my laptop or desktop machines, and I can’t be alone in that habit. Continue reading →